The “Local Way” to spend 7 days in Molokai
Here are some recommendations on how to spend 7 amazing days in Moloka’i by experiencing what the island has to offer.

Molokai is often termed the most Hawaiian island; many of its people still live in a uniquely Island way. It’s not unusual to see small farms growing taro or sweet potato, or to see men throwing da net, or children gathering coconuts. Speaking of coconuts – Visit Hoolehua-the home of post-a-nut where you will find bins filled with coconuts which you can mail anywhere in the world.

When you come to Molokai you’ll find there’s plenty to do-and yet the island beckons you to relax, to nap or read a book. Most days you may be the only person at a beach. From December to May, observe majestic Pacific humpback whales from shore.