Activities on Moloka'i

Moloka’i is an island that is full of things to do, whether it be a relaxing afternoon on the golf course or a local whale watching tour.

Here are some of the great activities on our island:

  • Golf – Ironwoods is a beautifully located 9 hole golf course located on the way up to the Kalapapa lookout. You take a dirt road to the starters “shed” and jump on – there is never a wait. Its not 5 star but the views and price are amazing.
  • Mountain Biking – There are mountain bikes and a trip down to Mo’momie Beach is worth a morning ride. You’ll need some directions and Maasi can point you in the right direction.
  • Kayaking – best in the morning before any wind kicks up, a paddle to Dixie Maru takes just under an hour as you paddle along the west wend, southward to the bay and surf the waves to shore.  Arrainge to have Maasi pick you up there.
  • Deep Sea Fishing – Captain Joe is our man.  Alyce Sportfishing is his charter boat and he’s been fishing those waters since the 60’s.
  • Spear Fishing: you can try it on your own or schedule with us prior and we’ll get you a guide who can “really” shoot fish. You’ll need to hire him or what he catches he’ll keep!
  • Hiking: head to Dixe Maru and up behind the beach is a path that takes you into the Kiavie tress and along the coast.  Follow the path/road, jump the fence and contineu to the old Ranch Summer Camp for the most private beach in the world.  Hike is about an hour.
  • Swimming: pool is always available. Spa can be turned on with a quick lesson from Maasi.  Please make sure you turn it off when leaving – utilities are very expensive on this island.
  • Surfing: We have long boards and Dixie Maru has a great left break.  Just watch the shoreline – don’t get caught in the rocks.  Big time surfing is best in front of the old Kaulakoi Resort.
  • Skin / Scuba Diving: Believe it or not, Molokai has one of the largest coral reefs in the world. We have discovered a guide who owns a 40′ catamirand that can take you out, and you can scuba via a hose, without having to strap on the tanks!
  • Local Tour: A tour to the waterfalls above Halava Bay far on the east end is worth the trip – or up into the rain forest.  Let us know and we’ll try and help schedule. Maasi’s son, Mana is often hired as the tour guide. He knows the forest better than anyone. Note: going it alone is not recommended as you will cross over locals properties and they like to know someone “they know” is involved.
  • Whale Watching: From November to April, Captain Joe or the Catamirand can take you right up close.  You will see turltes and seals too.
  • Kayaking: There are two 2 seater kayaks at the property.  Life vest if needed for kids, and best done in the morning out back or down to Dixie Mara for those more adventurous.
  • Hunting: Deer and Boar hunting are an experience you will never forget on Molokai.  There are some very experienced hunters on island but we recommend the Master of the Forest.  Maasi’s son Mana is his very talented assistant and is one of the best young hunters on island.  Let us know and we’ll coodinate this day trip.