Gourmet Chefs


What is a Personal Chef?
A Personal Chef offers a professional service of meal preparation. A client’s individual tastes drives the creation of their customized menu. The service includes complete grocery shopping, customized menu planning, in home meal preparation, storage in disposable containers, and complete kitchen clean up. A Personal Chef provides great tasting food and the precious gift of time with a convenient and affordable solution to the question of “What’s for Dinner?”

Benefits of a Personal Chef Service
If you eat out at restaurants often, a Personal Chef service will save you time and money. If you’re in the habit of grabbing fast food on the way home, a Personal Chef service will allow you to eat healthies and on your own schedule. If you are visiting the Island of Molokai and wish to relax on your vacation and enjoy great food I can find you the freshest produce and create a memorable evening meal for you and your party to enjoy. It’s a complete service from menu planning to grocery shopping, food preparation and clean up. All you have to do is warm your customized entree and enjoy.

Meal Preparation in Your Home
Once you have approved your menu, a day is then scheduled to cook in your home. I will arrive with all of the utensils needed to complete your meals. The food is prepared and cooked right in your home, then packaged and each entree is then either refrigerated or frozen. You will be left complete thawing and heating instructions. This will ensure your meals will taste like they were just made! Your kitchen is left clean and your home smelling wonderful. You simply heat the meals and enjoy the free time, the clean kitchen, and the fabulous food.

Customized Menus
As a Personal Chef the goal is to make every meal the very best you have ever tasted. In order to accomplish this, we must know your preferences and your dietary needs and we can prepare most any style of food or cuisine to your specifications as well as preparing any favorite recipes you may have. When you booked Don as your Personal Chef , he will correspond with you either ahead of time by email or visit you upon arrival to your stay at manahale and walk you thru a simple questionnaire in order to get better understanding of your meal expectations . Then take the information you have given him and use it to develop your personalized and customized menus. Before the scheduled cooking day you get to review and finalize each menu lists’ entrees and some side dishes to ensure total satisfaction.

Complete Grocery Shopping
On your scheduled cooking day, he will shop for the groceries needed for the meals on your finalized menu. Find and purchase all of the items needed and the cost of these groceries are included in the charge for the service.