Helpful Hints

As of June, 2017

Dear Guests:

Welcome and we hope you truly enjoy your stay at Manahale Estate on Papahaku Beach on the west end of Moloka’i.  We hope the following Welcome Instructions will help make your planning, arrival, and stay at Manahale more enjoyable and give you a sense of what’s in store!  We hope you will read this and please don’t hesitate to follow up with us with and questions.

Thank you for your “kokua“ (co-operation):

The Trip Over

Even though there are many airlines that can take you to the Islands, we’ve found the stress involved in getting there can be minimized with an advanced scouting report.
If you are coming from the mainland, Hawaiian Airlines is a good bet thru Honolulu (HNL) or Maui (OMG) and on to Molokai (MKK).  This way you can check your bags straight thru to MKK.  But several airlines fly direct to Oahu and Maui to Molokai.  We often use Makani Kai Air or Mululelei Airlines from Maui (or Oahu) and as our inter island option.  Both are located nearby the main terminal on Maui and on Oahu, Mukulelei is located in the inter island terinal next door to the Hawaiian Terminal but Makani Kai is a cab ride away to the back side of HNL airport.

If you arrived via all airlines except Hawaiian, you will need to pick up bags and head to the correct terminal for the interisland leg.   Then it’s a short 20-minute trip across the Molokai channel, on a inter island plane flight.

Baggage: if you check your bags through to Molokai, it will save the aggravation of hauling around luggage while trying to hold your Mai Tai in the bar at the Inter Island terminal but note: You may get to Molokai and some of your luggage is missing. It happens. It will inevitably show up on the next flight so, go into town and get staples or kill some time at Hotel Molokai or Paddlers Inn or ask the airlines if they will bring the luggage out to Manahale

DIRECTIONS to Manahale: From the Airport: 

  1. Directions to Manahale Estate: (about a 20 minute drive)

From the airport head west towards Maunaloa.  There is a marque sign on the right hand side of the road that says Kaluakoi Road and Papohaku Ranchlands (15 mile marker).  Take this right hand turn and head down about five miles – you will pass the Papohaku Beach Park.  About a mile pass the park you will go up the hill and Papapa Place is at the top of the hill on the right Take this right and follow the road down to the beach access sign and the driveway is on the left hand side: the address is 245 Papapa Place.

Depending on what time you arrive on island, we recommend you get your groceries before heading to the property if you have the energy.  The main town of Kaunakakai is 6 miles east of the airport. It’s a right hand turn on the main highway.  Special arrangements can be made to have the kitchen stocked in advance if needed. Let us know.

  1. Check in and Check

Check in times are: Check in:           3:00 PM          Check out:     10:00 AM       

The property is often reserved where guests are checking in the same afternoon as guest checking out that morning.  So, as you could imagine, because of the timing issues we need to abide by the check in and check out time.

We understand your flight arraignments may not be consistent with this timeframe and will try to accommodate you if possible.  Requests for early check in or late check- out need to be pre arraigned with us prior to your arrival. Please try and check your itinerary early on during your flight bookings and email us so we can try and address this in advance!
Onsite at Manahale Estate:

  1. Grounds:

There are approximately 7 acres of beachfront grounds and being a tropical island, things grow quick.  Ma’asi He has been our groundskeeper for 20 years and knows the property well.  His main priorities are to maintain the exterior landscapes and keeps everything running smooth, however don’t hesitate to ask for his assistance as needed.  His hours are weekdays but is available on weekends for special occasions.

  1. Ocean/Pool Safety

We are a water oriented community and while the ocean is beautiful here at Manahale, it can sometimes be treacherous, particularly in winter months, and when there is an offshore wind the waves get too big for most swimmers. Most of the year, especially in the early mornings, the beach is great for wading, shell collecting and beach walking, and ocean swimming.

We also recommend several beach spots: the beach at the end of Papahaku just before the rocky point for swimming and kayaking on a great day without strong trade winds. You can walk to this beach (probably a half hour’s walk – take a right on the beach from the house and keep going). Dixie Maru Bay is at the southern end of the development and is a favorite. And Maki Horse Beach just past the old resort by dirt road. Don’t hesitate to ask Ma’asi for directions.

We always advise parents to supervise children carefully at these beaches as they are not lifeguarded.

  1. Pool and Spa safety and operation:

The pool is yours to enjoy but you use it at your own risk. No sand in the pool please! The wall timer makes for easy spa operation so there is never a need to enter the pool equipment area. The pool is not heated but is warmed by the sun year round.

  1. Sand in pool/spa:

Coming up from the beach, there is a shower for your use at the foot of the stairs to the house. We ask that you wash off your sandy selves before entering the house, or jumping in the pool.  Ma’asi really appreciates it when guest keep the sand out of the pool!

  1. Toilets:

We are on septic, and if you attempt to flush large items (i.e.: wades of toilet paper, female products, etc.) down the toilets they will back up!  And it’s not a pretty site.  Please, heed this warning to make your stay clog free!

  1. Garbage Disposal: we have one in the main kitchen.

Again, only small food can go down the sinks.  All large edible items can be collected for the pigs or should be thrown in trash.  No egg shells, large quantities of pasta should go down the drain – we are on a septic system.

  1. Shoes Optional Custom:

As custom in Hawaii, most homes try and remove shoes before entering the homes to help keep sand and that red dirt that distinguishes our islands from grinding itself into rugs and flooring.  Not required here but keep in mind the cleaner your shoes the cleaner your stay.

  1. Trash:

Place your indoor trash in the cans near the garage and Ma’asi will deposit the full cans up at the street periodically. Recycle cans in the nearby bin.

  1. Sonos Music System

We have recently installed a leading technology “wireless” music system throughout the property known as Sonos. Sonos has a sound quality similar to Bose, but offers so much more.  Once you understand how to operate the power of Sonos, we think you will be sold as well.

The “docking” station for music device is located in the main house near the bar area around the corner from the kitchen counter

3 Steps to using the Sonos system

  1. Sonos requires a device to act as a “controller” and a wireless router to send the music signal out to the speakers located in the living room.  The controller is located in the main house kitchen and is fairly user friendly.
  2. Under the music dropdown, click on docking station, look for Jim’s Ipod and select a playlist option or just click play for all day.  Playlist #@ is all Hawaiian music.

For those of us not as technically successful, this system may seem overwhelming initially.  Ma’asi can help get it playing as well.

  1. Bugs and Critters:

You will learn to love geckos, be fascinated with beetles, but watch out for centipedes! We do our best to keep dangerous species away from our guests, but this is a wild place, so being forewarned about meeting unexpected creatures is called for. We always keep a watch out both in the house and outside. We have bees but they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them. If you see big bees (carpenter bees) they may look scary, but are harmless.

Certain times of the year, we may have cute little mice populate in the islands, and we do our best to keep them under control in the house, but it is possible that we could have an uninvited mouse or two while you are here.  Let Ma’asi know and he can remove them.

  1. Doors

If you leave screen doors open – even for a short time – our assorted creatures are sure to consider this an invitation to join your party. PLEASE KEEP THE DOORS CLOSED whenever possible!

  1. Water Conservation:

Of all the items herein, this one is the most important…The most precious and by far the most expensive commodity at this end of Molokai is WATER. Please help us keep rental rates and our utility costs no higher than they already are by conserving water. Short showers, turn sinks off in between, a full dishwasher or wash load, and be sure all faucets are tightly turned off – these will help all of us.

  1. Lights:

Please turn them off when not using, especially at night.

  1. Phone and cell service:

Cellular service is getting better but be aware this is primarily a Verizon Cellular island. ATT cell service is very weak at the property.

  1. Internet Access:

Ask Ma’asi for the MiFi card to logon to the internet- its located in the main house dining area.  You will need the password located on the underside of the card unit.  Its unlimited use but after a certain amount of usage, it may slow slightly.

  1. Toys:

If you have certain things you would like to borrow, please let Ma’asi know and he can provide.  You assume responsibility for returning these items in the same shape you checked them out or we will charge you, as per your rental contract.

  1. Aloha Garden:

We hope you will enjoy our garden.  Pick the lemons, limes and vegetables as they are available and enjoy a meal up at Kimo’s lounge.  You’re welcome to help weed and water if you have a green thumb!

  1. First Aid Kit:

There are basic items in the kitchen for your use, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and some basic medicines.  If serious issues arise, medical attention is at Molokai General Hospital, just up the hill at the end of Kaunakakai town.

  1. Amenities:

Rentals of up to the three homes consist of 5 bedroom/5 bath between the three homes. Each home is equipped with a equipped kitchen, a living room dining room, sitting rooms (with pull out sleeper sofa’s ), internet and a laundry room.  The bathrooms are stocked with typical items you would find in a hotel; towels, soaps, shower gels shampoo etc. The entire property grounds are yours exclusively for your use during your stay, subject to the number of homes under contract. Also, please feel free to use the kayaks and other toys – ask Ma’asi for help as needed.

Maximum occupancy for the property is 15 guests.

  1. Entry:

We do like to meet you when you arrive at the property but depending on what time you arrive, a representative may not be available.  In those cases, we will leave the home(s) unlocked and a light on for your arrival.  There is also a lock box (current Code is: 245) at the front door of the main house. There is a little door on the right hand side, lift that up the key is inside.  Please put it back into the lock box when you leave. We charge for lost keys.

  1. Cleaning:

We have a wonderful cleaning team that works at the property, but if something is not to standard, let us know upon your arrival and we’ll get it addressed quickly. If you would like housekeeping services during your stay please let us know and we can arraigning daily or periodic cleaning.

  1. Emergency Phone Numbers:

There are several people who can assist during your stay in an emergency or if you need to reach us. Ma’asi He, our grounds keeper @808-896-9037.    Or for backup, Dayna Harris, a local property manager @ 808-553 8334. Cell phones don’t always work on Molokai.

  1. Chefs/Lu’au’s:

We have several chefs that cook for our guests during their stays.  Let us know if this might be of interest and we can provide you with contact names and numbers of our main chefs.  Pricing varies but budget 30-35$ per person on average and its 3-4 course meal of fresh Hawaiian local items.  It’s a treat and the experience is worth the price!

Ma’asi has been known to roast a fantastic “huli huli” pig out in the orchard for our guests and the free entertainment is legendary.  Let us know if you would like more information on this in advance so he can keep an eye open on the farms. He can give you provide you the costs directly on options, side dishes his wife can prepare, and etc.

  1. Weddings:

We host many weddings on the property each year and if this is part of your plans, please let us know in advance.  We have a wonderful coordinator, Wailani Tanaka,, who is fantastic with customer care and can make it all happen.  With such a special event, and being on an island where things are not nearly as commercialized, we want to make sure it is without incident and we trust her to oversee things so you can relax and enjoy.  We don’t allow weddings without advanced notification and/or cost and we restrict the size of the reception so that the property can accommodate the event.  Please reach out to her if she can answer specific questions and review her material she provides.  The website has a video of a recent wedding to give you some visual.

  1. Rental Cars:

There are two rental car agencies on the island.  Alamo Rentals is at the airport counter is another option, locally owned and run by our friends Amanda and her husband, who provide great service, can leave the car at the airport, and are priced a bunch bettah!  But the cars are older.  Let her know you’re a guest at Manahale.  Book early, as the supply on island is tight in high seasons.

Section 2: Things To Do: When, Where and with Whom…

Here is a list of some of the things we recommend during your stay if you are the adventurous type.

1. Moloka’I Coffee Plantation Tour:

Call prior, let them know you’d like to take the plantation tour – Morning Espresso Tour. It goes Monday through Friday 11:00 AM; $20.00 adults (keiki, kama‘aina and group rates available) (877) 322-3276 leave a message – they’ll call you right back. ; from Manahale Estate head back towards town and turn left at Hwy 470 and its on the corner of Farrington Ave and Hwy 470. Trip Time: 19 miles (31km) – 35 minutes: 1630 Farrington Avenue
Kualapuu, HI 96757.  Sunday afternoons and Tuessday mornings the patio sometimes hosts a Jazz Music Jam Session that’s worth seeing if you’re schedule permits.  Call to make sure its going on.

2. The Cook House – Thursday Nite!

My personal favorite… the Kualapu’u Cookhouse down the road behind the airport for Thursday Prime Rib.  They make an amazing Lilikoi butter Opakupaku as well.  – sit outside, get there prior to 6pm, BYOB and don’t expect quick service or 5 star… just relax and slow it down in true backyard Molokai Style – (cash only)

3.    Paddlers Inn.  In town near the Harbor and recently taken over by a local lady who has done good things with food and service quality.  There is live music there almost nightly and they take credit cards.  Definitely worth stopping in for lunch or dinner.

  1. Kumu Farms Tour and Shop:

Across the street from the airport and down the road a ways.  There you will find the freshest flowers, fruits and veggies on the island and the store is run by our close friend Etty – a truely amazing heart and a great spirit of aloha.  Oh, and the best organic steaks and hamburger anywhere.  808.336.0937

  1. Meat House – Coop: 

This is a hidden secret that we have found recently.  Across from the airport, in a little white brick building up on the hill is the best local grass fed beef, butchered onsite and cut to order.  Hours are not consistent but if you drive up to the door, there is usually someone there or it will tell you when to come back.  Pricing is very reasonable, but I promise, you will never find fresher higher quality selection of steaks, or hamburger anywhere.

  1. The Kite Factory. Owned and operated by our fascinating bearded friend Johnathan and his lovely wife, this is a wonderful place in Maunaloa (across from the General Store) to buy locally crafted art and amazing kites of all styles.  Definitely worth the time to stop in.
  2. USPS – Post a Nut. The post office behind the airport will mail the coconut you address and write you “postcard” on.  Fun to send back to the mainland – always a surprise.


  1. Kalapapa Mule Ride:  

This is a once in a lifetime excursion – no for everyone however. There by 7:45am and home by 3:30pm you will be guided down 26 switchbacks along the breathtaking north shore, 2000 feet down to the Kalapapa National Park entrance.  A place visited by very few people ever, there are still a dozen patience who have elected to voluntarily remain there.  The bus will pick you up at the entrance, lunch is served, and you will walk thru living history.  A sad but inspirational place. Father Damion was recently cantonized by the Catholic Church for his life giving commitment to the Leper Colony of Kalapapa. 290 Puukapele Ave, Ho’olehua, HI 96729 (808) 567-6088

  1. Kalapapa Look Out and Phallic Rock:

For those slightly less adventurous, the lookout point is just beyond the Mule Ride Ranch and is a quick walk out to the point.  Just next to the lookout path is a path to Phallic Rock.  The name speaks for itself…it was used by the Hawaiians to inspire fertility.  Highly worth a picture.

  1. North Shore Hike to the “guava patch”:

We have discovered a fun hike that is just left off the path half way up to Phallic Rock.  We named it Guava Patch Hike because as it trails down and along the north shore, in about 40 minutes you come out to a Gauva patch and spectacular lookout.  Sit and taste the fruit- you are at the edge of the world. The trail goes thru a rain forest into a grove of pine trees – just keep track so you get back!

  1. Deep Sea Fishing:

Captain Joe runs Alyce C Fishing and has been fishing the waters off Molokai since the 60’s.  He’s the man – no question.  Meet him around 6am down at the wharf, Captain Joe Reich, 808-558-8377

  1. Catamaran “Snuba” Trip:

A great time for those who don’t want to haul all the scuba gear, They give you an air house and you stay near the boat, float around and see the underwater world without the equipment.

  1. North Shore Boat Trip:

Captain Joe can make this happen – long day but pretty amazing views of the cliffs and coast line and waterfalls.  Bring your snorkel gear.

  1. Farmer’s Market:

Every Saturday morning along the main street of Kaunakakai town from around 8am to 11am you’ll find local artisans and farmers selling fresh fish, veggies and all else.

  1. Hotel Molokai “Kapuna” Friday Nights:

Coming back this August 2017, the bar will reopen, get there around 5pm, listen to the Kapuna “elders” play Uke’s and sign old Hawaiian songs.  At 6pm they ask everyone to stand up hold hands and sign the National Anthem and a most famous Hawaiian song out at poolside overlooking Lania. Pass Kaunakakai town and at the 5 mile marker on Kamehameha V Hwy. 808.553.5347.

  1. Snorkeling options or Paddle Board the Harbor:

Molokai Fish and Dive can hook you up with a great day of snorkeling the best spots around the shorelines.  They can rent you ocean equipment in town.

There is also a place on the way out on to the Harbor on Hio Place Road, called Molokai Outdoor Activities. Ask for Claire at 808-553-4477. We hear she’s pretty famous athlete. Pick up the boards and the water is walking distance.  The Harbor is perfectly calm for practicing SUP’s, unless its windy.

  1. Journey to the East End:

An all day road trip along the south and east shores.  There is a last stop store near the 18 mile marker, and great snorkeling at marker 21. Once you pass marker, the bottle house, (known for its colorful bottle collection out front) you venture along the east shore and wind down along a one lane road to Halava Valley- the locals favorite. Some amazing sites along the way, churches, and walk out and beach picnic below Halava Falls river.  Stop by Hotel Molokai on the way home for a Mai Tai or two.

  1. Trip to Havala Falls:

Driving to Halawa Valley, you should consider making the trek up to the Falls.  This hike up to the falls is spectacular thru the back side of the rain forest but we’d recommend hiring a guide that lives there.  You’ll cross a few private properties so it’s helpful to have someone with you who knows the way and the landowners.  Once you’re up at the fall’s basin, climb the cliffs and dive in.  See and email him.

I would recommend hiring Stephan, a very qualified guide who works at the property part time, He charges around $50 a person and is related to the owners whose land you will cross on your way up. Let us know and we can put you in touch with him to schedule.

Other resident down in Halawa Valley worth stopping in to visit is Kalani, the Molokaiflower guy – you get to visit his tropical flower farm as a bonus and then head up.

  1. Rain Forest Hike:

We have a couple options, we would recommend using Stephan but the journey up calls for a 4 wheel drive.  He can coordinate guides and transportation, as most small rental cars will not make this journey.  As you probably realize, the west end (or windward side) is dryer, while the east end (or leaward side) is wet!  Molokai’s rain forest is one the wettest places in all Hawaii. You will see plants and birds of all kinds, and walk along the “planks” up to the lookout point, where we gather exotic flowers to make head leis back home. Bring lunch, and water – and where good shoes!

Also, if he’s available, Maasi’s son, Kai Mana know that forest better than anyone.  He can lead this tour as well.

  1. Boar Hunting:

This is reserved for the primitive type. Kai Mana is one of the most skilled hunters on the island. Ma’asi can coordinate a very early morning meet up near the cemetery, where you can hook up with the hunt team, meet the dogs, and travel back into the forest to hunt the pig.  You will never experience a higher adrenaline rush than this – however don’t expect this trip to be a leisurely stroll.  You need to be in shape to keep up and it is not for the faint at heart. Kai Mana will need to charge for this experience as he will take time of work to accommodate.  Good luck!

  1. Spear Fishing Trip:

We would recommend several locals who can shoot lights out. Kimo ( if we can find him).  He is in the water so often, it’s hard to reach him sometimes, so give time to coordinate.  He claims to have gills instead of lungs and is just about the best story teller on the island, along with spear fishing skills that rival any marksman.  Kimo’s cell phone – 808.336.0313  – also his son Andrew Gomes is very skilled as well 808.213.5398  or 808-553-3073 and is easier to reach.  Great kid!  I hear he may have moved just recently however.

  1. Fresh Fish

Or… if you want just to buy the fresh fish from the pros, call Kenny and leave a message – he fishing snapper (or Onaga – da best) and sells it for 6-8 per pound to local market – fresh.  808-213-4090.  And keep an eye our local fishermen selling the days catch out of a cooler in the back of their trucks in town. Typically local very tasty fresh fish sells around $4-5 per lb. –  also look for the local shrimp farm’s shrimp truck in town as well).

  1. School Bus Bench Sunset Lookout Point: 

We love this humble little hidden spot to watch the sunset with a glass of wine and it is near the property – but feels so far away.  At the top of Papapa Place Road, turn right on Kalua Koi and head towards Dixie Maru Beach. Turn right on Pokahuloa Road, and right again on Kulawai Place.  Drive a ¼ mile down and turn left. The beach access road parking lot is there down on the right – next to the house with the warrior house statues.  School Bus bench is out on the point along the path to the left. It is nothing luxurious, but it’s unique and peaceful.

  1. Favorite Beaches (west end):

Papohaku Beach – the 2 miles of white sand out the back lania.

3rd Hole Beach (down at the end of our beach about a mile next to the Really Big rock)– tricky to drive there and find the right dirt access road. The dirt road is off Kalua Koi Road, next to the 4 rocks blocking the old access.  So… it’s not quite a public road, and you cross over the Ranch golf course to get there via car, so be aware you may get stopped but the locals love it.  It’s called 3 hole because it sits right below the 3rd green of the closed golf course.  It’s our favorite spot to hunt shells– may not be safe in winter time for small ones.

Dixie Maru Bay – At the end of Pokahuloa Road.  Great for kids, snorkeling. Don’t forget to sand scrub at the shore line, old Hawaiian style.  This is best beach for micro-abrasion treatments.

Maki Horse Beach – Down near the old resort, on Kepuhi Road across from the 11th hole. Dirt road down, across from the condo’s entrance, you’ll see a “beach access” local sign – follow the road to an open place near the water to park.

  1. Churches:

Pick up the local Molokai Dispatch newspaper from the airport upon arrival.  It will give you a listing of all the upcoming activities, news events and church schedules.

  1. Grocery and Wine Store:

Friendly Market is the best in town – not open Sunday afternoon.  Misaki’s is next door and is open Sundays.  Molokai Wine and Spirits is across the street is has a great selection.  There is also a General store in Maunaloa.

In summary, please feel free to reach out to us as well for any additional information or clarification.  It is important to our family that your stay is one that will be positively remembered and meaningful.  Molokai is a special place to us and is like no other island – full of tradition, culture and laid back atmosphere.  We like it that way and we hope you will too!

Mahalo and Aloha!

Jim and Gaylene Wayne